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In the practice of obstetrics and gynecology, more so than any other specialty of medicine, the bond between patient and doctor is a very personal one. You want a doctor whose care is guided by experience and knowledge and who understands that compassion.

Nothing you can do to protect your heath is more important than routine gynecologic visits. A complete health history, pelvic exam, Pap smear for the early detection of cervical cancer, mammogram and laboratory tests are part of our annual well-woman exam. We’ll teach you about breast health, heart health, gynecologic issues, menopause and osteoporosis.

We take a conservative approach, providing you with alternative options and patient education. If there’s a way to avoid costly procedures, you’ll be the first to know. If surgery or advanced medical care is recommended, we offer the most up-to-date technology for diagnosis and treatment, including minimally invasive Laparoscopic surgery, laser surgery and hysteroscopy.

Dr. David Fong uses Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for added safety and efficiency. Our Frisco and Plano. TX staff has been carefully chosen for their warmth and professionalism. They will immediately put you at ease.

We try to honor appointment times because we believe in the value of your time and dislike long waiting periods in the office. Please understand though, in this specialty there are often unforeseen delays. We appreciate your patience.

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We accept most health insurance plans.

To confirm that we take yours, please call our office and schedule your appointment today:

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