BioTE® Hormone Pellet Therapy

What is Hormone Imbalance?

Hormonal imbalance refers to disruptions in the production or regulation of hormones in the endocrine system, leading to an abnormal quantity or distribution of these chemical messengers in the body. Such imbalances can manifest in a variety of symptoms, impacting mood, metabolism, reproductive health, and overall well-being.

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

Weight Gain
Lack of Energy
Trouble Sleeping
Brain Fog/Memory Issues
Less Muscle Strength
Reduced Sexual Desire
Muscle and Joint Discomfort
Mood Swings
Exhaustion and Fatigue
Inability to Lose Weight

What is Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Hormone pellet therapy is a specialized treatment designed to tackle hormonal imbalances. Such imbalances manifest when one or more essential hormones in the body are either deficient or not produced at their optimal levels. This concern is applicable to both men and women.

Impact of Hormonal Imbalance

The impact of hormonal imbalance extends across various facets of health, affecting the well-being of bone, breast, brain, and heart functions. This intricate interplay of hormones can result in a diverse array of symptoms, ranging from the overt to the subtle. While certain effects may be immediately apparent, such as changes in mood, energy levels, or menstrual patterns, others might manifest more discreetly, influencing metabolic processes, cognitive functions, and overall quality of life.

Benefits of BioTE® Hormone Pellet Therapy:

Consider Biote hormone therapy for a life-changing impact, whether addressing low testosterone (Low T) or low estrogen levels.

Advantage of Hormone Pellet Therapy

Hormone pellet therapy offers distinct advantages compared to other methods:

  • It mimics the molecular structure of human hormones.
  • Its effects last longer, usually three to five months.
  • It is extensively studied as a form of natural hormone therapy.
  • It ensures a consistent release of hormones into the bloodstream.
  • It allows for personalized dosing.
  • It involves subcutaneous insertion.

Frequency of Pellet Therapy

BioTE® pellets typically last about 3-4 months for women and 4-5 months for men before they dissolve and are safely absorbed by the body, necessitating the insertion of new pellets to sustain symptom relief. The frequency of required pellet replacements is individualized, determined by factors such as age, activity level, stress, and specific symptoms, with Dr. Fong providing personalized treatment plans during consultations.

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