Dr. David Fong - Contraception

Approximately half of all pregnancies in the United States are unintended, highlighting the crucial need for comprehensive preconception care. This challenge extends beyond addressing pregnancy planning solely for those actively seeking medical consultation in anticipation of a planned pregnancy. It involves an ongoing effort to educate and screen all reproductively capable women, aiming to identify potential maternal and fetal risks and hazards to pregnancy both before and between pregnancies.

Range of Methods

A diverse array of effective contraception methods caters to different preferences and needs. Determining the most suitable option involves discussions with healthcare professionals. This ensures individuals can choose methods aligned with their specific circumstances and goals.

Dr. David Fong - Contraception

Suitable Modality for You

Determining the most suitable modality for pregnancy prevention involves engaging in a discussion with healthcare professionals like Dr. Fong. This collaborative consultation enables individuals and their partners to make informed decisions aligned with their specific desires and circumstances. While emergency contraception remains a viable option, the emphasis is on selecting a birth control method that not only effectively prevents pregnancy but also instills confidence and comfort.

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