Postpartum Care

Once your child is born, you will become officially postpartum which can be categorized as lasting for the 12 months thereafter. Typically, you can expect to see your provider 1-2 times after the delivery to not only address questions and concerns, but also discuss important topics such as birth control and the resumption of your normal physical activities. You can also expect to experience not only the joy of parenthood, but also the stresses that accompany it. These stresses are not only emotional, but are very physical and mentally challenging.

It is during this time that Post-Partum Blues (usually transient and lasting for only a few weeks), Postpartum depression and even rarely postpartum psychosis can occur. It is estimated that about 10% of woman suffer from postpartum depression which can have a tremendous negative impact on not only the mother, but the child and the entire family that is involved. Fortunately, with proper care and management this condition is very treatable and usually curable. Close follow up with your healthcare provider is utmost important during this time.

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